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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Una and I’m very happy you’ve decided to join me. I’m a vegan blogger, vegan content creator and animal rights activist living in Toronto, Canada. I have been blogging since 2008 and I love to cook! I also love to share the yumminess, fun, and joys of vegan cooking. I hope you find my blog inspiring and helpful on your vegan journey and lifestyle.

I started cooking vegan recipes in 2008 when I first went vegan. It wasn’t always easy at first and many food I now love, like tofu, I really wasn’t a big fan of at the start. Vegan cooking is easy but, as is the case with cooking and baking, if you don’t know what your doing, alot of it will end up in disasters. I hope this blog will help new vegans learn the art of vegan cooking and provide long time vegans with inspiration and great recipes.

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I’m very active in animal rights activism. I love animals and was shocked in 2004 when I learnt how we abuse them for food. My personal vegan journey began after watching a video of a cow in a slaughterhouse. I immediately vowed to go vegetarian and I did. Three years later I had transitioned and become fully vegan.

I’m so happy I did! The vegan diet has multiple benefits and to me, knowing I am not harming any animal with my diet is the most meaningful. As I stuck with it, I learnt more and more about the others ways we abuse animals, and the harm it does to our health and the environment.

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I wasn’t a great vegan cook when I became a vegan so it took me a while to fully love vegan food. There wasn’t at the time alot of vegan bloggers so it was mainly a case of experimentation and fit or miss, and often it was a miss. There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve as there is with all forms of cooking. This can be daunting for a new vegan, but once you learnt the techiniques and basic recipes, the rest is easy and so enjoyable!

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Becoming vegan opened up an entire new world of food for me, yummy, healthy, inexpensive and fun and easy to prepare. That’s what I want to share with my readers and help those who are new to veganism with basic recipes so you don’t have to learn the hard way as I did.

I have never looked back because the world of vegan food is amazing. It tastes great, is healthier and better for our planet and world, and it’s kind to animals. What other diet can do and be all that?

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🌱 Most of my recipes are made using very basic staples. They are also mostly small batch, serving 2-4 as I live alone and get tired of having to waste food. I freeze leftovers but my freezer can only hold so much! If you are cooking for more than just yourself, use the amount adjuster slider in the recipe.

🌱 My recipes are strictly vegan so I use no animal products of any kind, including honey and palm oil. This is because animal rights matter to me and are the reason I went vegan. I live a fully vegan and low waste lifestyle and I hope to share in this blog how easy, affordable and enjoyable it it.

🌱 I don’t cook with salt. This is due to my health, allergies and my taste as well. I gave it up in 2008 and don’t miss it at all. I use my own seasoning blends or a storebought salt free seasoning in my savory recipes and you can do the same. You can of course use salt as a seasoning, but you may find you like food just as much without it.

🌱 I also try to include alot of healthy recipes. Vegan food is yummy and fun but its also family friendly, work friendly, workout friendly and is very healthy. I try to include recipes that fit my life and I hope they will fit yours as well.

I’m so glad you have joined me here on my blog and have started your own vegan journey. It’s the kind choice and you will be doing alot of good for animals, the planet and helping create a kinder, more peaceful world. Welcome and enjoy!

Una Rose

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